If you are interested in one of the following oppotunities, please contact yunlongcao@pku.edu.cn.

Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Fellowships

A CV describing your research experiences, representative works and research interests should be provided for the application of a postdoc or research scientist position.

PhD Programs

We accept graduate students from the following programs:

  • Graduate program of BIOPIC, Peking University
  • Graduate program of Changping Laboratory
  • Graduate program of Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences (CLS)
  • Joint graduate program of Peking-Tsinghua-NIBS (PTN)
  • Undergraduates

    We accept undergraduate students at Peking University and other colleges to apply for research training opportunities within our research group. We seek motivated and enthusiastic individuals who have a strong academic background, relevant coursework, and a genuine passion for our research area. Ideal candidates should possess excellent communication and teamwork skills while demonstrating adaptability, technical aptitude, and problem-solving prowess. We look forward to collaborating with dedicated students who are eager to contribute their time and effort in the pursuit of shared research goals.